When i went through the firmware update process through nolo home, the base station updated correctly, but when i arrive to the headset, nolo home asks to put the headset in dfu mode.... 

1. I disconnect the usb from headset
2. I keep the button of headset pressed and reconnect the usb
3. I relaunch the firmware update

But nolo home still ask me to put the headset in dfu mode......

I cannot synchronize the base withe the headset and the controllers since then.....

Please help ...........


  • To be precise it concerns the camera firmware that i cannot update (not the headset)  :|

  • @loponionf, when this happened to me I put it into DFU mode, then unplugged and plugged it back in and continued to update the firmware just fine. If that does not work for you then you will probably need to contact support to get a remote session to check things out.
  • @loponionf Hi, yes, we can do a remote session for you to update the firmware. Please send us your TeamViewer ID and password to 
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