NOLO HOME version 1.12 released!!!

1. Added display of firmware version while connecting NOLO device in battery life status.
2. Added popular games which NOLOer are playing.
3. Compatibility with PPGUN.
4. Added user guide and network latency of network monitoring tool in the NOLO Toolkit.
5. added switch option for NOLO controller model.
6. Added thanks list to thanks to individuals and organizations for their support of NOLO VR.


  • Is there any updates for the tracking or performance? 
  • @indeu Hi, thanks for your message. Not in this update. 
  • edited June 1
    Finally working great! Also now I know there is something called the ppgun. My life is complete. Lmao. 
  • Btw is there any plans for 72hz streaming? 
  • @Failrunner Hi, the current version of NOLO HOME is 72hz streaming XD.
  • Oh awesome! Another thing. I have a Lenovo Mirage Solo. Even when the Nolo program is not running the controllers conflict in some games like job simulator and Operation Warcade. I can't play those games with anything but Nolo. Is there anyway to fix that?
  • @Failrunner Hi, sorry, but NOLO CV1 is not compatible with Lenovo Mirage Solo. I think the driver may conflict with each other on your computer. Are you using NOLO+Mirage for full body tracking? 
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