Base station not work in pc

I connect everything like your video on youtube but everything it's green but only base stasion still red. I check In nolo driver ( not connected ) i don't know why? Because the battery of the base station it's low? I'm charging now i hope it's because low battery i'm form VietNam it's hard for u to support me and sorry for my bad english i hope you understand what i'm saying


  • Update i'm done charging but nothing happend. still not work
  • the red X still there in NOLO driver status
  • @muriki95 Hi, thanks for your message.  May I know what HMD are you using? Can you record a short video about the base station issue and send it to Please also include the order number of purchase NOLO CV1. 
  • I have a similar problem except my base station stopped working after it fell off my desk. The lights and vibration function work, just no tracking. Is there a way to repair?
  • @Ryuga_Hideki  Please turn on the base station and check if the LED on top indicating green, and the two lights from front panel are red.
  • I did and they're both on. In the NOlO home software it says the base station is not connected even though it is on.
  • @Ryuga_Hideki Hi, thanks for your message. May I know if the base station is still vibrating? 
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