Android (none standalone) support is awful.

Is there an up to date guide to get SteamVR streaming to Android device with nolo? It seems that nolo's main use case is oculus go/gear VR/standalone headsets... And Android streaming support seems to be outdated and none functional. I tried Vridge but it seems like nolo ghosted riftcat team so their support is less than useful at this point. I found out about Nolo Home streaming but to my dismay, it only streams for Gear VR and oculus Go. Even when I tried the nolo home Android app (on Pixel 3), the orientation / positional tracking on the controllers don't work, I can see buttons being pressed. The app also looks like it's just a copy of Vridge app. The same tracking issues work fine when connected directly to PC and using the visual tool. 

So really, is android streaming still supported?


  • @kaiyotee Hi, thanks for your message. If you're using a cardboard VR headset, you can try Trinus which is another streaming software. 
  • Try iVRY, it has built-in support for NoloVR, and that support is actively maintained to work around the bugs in the NoloVR firmware/software.
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