NOLO Development Schedule (update monthly) 2019

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Starting May 2018, we'll be sharing our development schedule and updating here on a monthly basis, covering major aspects that our development team is focusing on in the specific month. You may check out the detailed listing accordingly and feel free to send us any comments and thoughts!  


NOLO Development Schedule for June 2019

Working on:
1. NOLO streaming video player -  transform your VR headsets into cinema (supports VR video / non-VR video).
2. NOLO diagnostic tool for gameplay environment.
3. Increase the screen refresh rate to 120hz for PSVR users - For better display and smoother picture.
4. Fixing the vibrative issue of controllers.
5. Display low battery warning of NOLO CV1 while streaming.


NOLO Development Schedule for May 2019

Working on:
1. Compatibility with PPGUN in the NOLO HOME.
2. User guide for Network Monitoring Tool of detecting the latency of the network.
3. Adding recommendation of hot VR game which NOLO fans are playing.
4. Adding the select option of NOLO controller mode and HTC controller mode.
5. Solving the problem that the NOLO controller buttons are not supported in some VR games. 


NOLO Development Schedule for April 2019

Working on:
1. Add switch option for NOLO controller model.
2. Identify the device type based on the access device.
3. Add user guide of network monitoring tool.
4. Add a section of recommending popular games which NOLOer are playing.
5. Display firmware version of connected NOLO device in battery life status.


NOLO Development Schedule for March 2019
Working on:
1. Firmware upgrade of NOLO CV1
   i) Reduced the positioning latency 
   ii) Increased the positioning frequency
2. Network Monitoring Tool - to test your current network environment
3. Visualizer in the NOLO HOME windows client


NOLO Development Schedule for January 2019

Working on:
NOLO HOME windows client:
a. NOLO HOME hotfix function;
b. Optimizing the stability of NOLO CV1 tracking
c. Bugs fixes

NOLO HOME standalone app:
a. A new user interface of NOLO HOME app for IQIYI and Pico standalone VR headsets
b. Optimizing Unity interface of NOLO HOME app
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