I need help downgrading my firmware!

I am using Gear vr with samsung s8 and i want to downgrade my firmware to use another sort of streaming software!


  • Hi @sealchub, are you using NOLO HOME for streaming? We will upload a new version of NOLO HOME on Oculus store in two days which will fix the bugs and improve the performance, so we still recommend you to use the latest firmware for a better experience.
  • By the way i cant use vridge with nolo because i get no tracking and i have tried everything, and i would like to try ivry again to see if that is better. And yes i am using nolo home for streaming.
  • VRidge doesn't support NOLO tracking anymore. Please try the latest NOLO HOME, which will be available on Oculus Store today.
  • @sealchub iVRy supports the newer (1.10+) and older firmware versions. If you're using the newer firmware, use the "1.10+" version, which can be found in the "Betas" tab of the iVRy driver properties in Steam.
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