Strange Glitching/Twitching

When using the NOLO CV1, ever since upgrading the firmware and using the base station repair tool (before seeing I wasn't supposed to), now when using it, whenever I move more than a metre away from the base station, it starts jittering and shaking uncontrollably. I'm unsure whether this is from the firmware update or the device has been damaged while stored away somehow or the entire time (I used to mainly use ceiling mode but that's no longer supported so now it's blue-tacked to my wall). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this or have a proper reason for why it might be happening?

For reference, I'm using the iVRy driver on Steam and the firmware is on the latest version.


  • @Jetfire60 Hi, thanks for your message. May I know what HMD are you using? 
  • Just some trashy one from my local store, it's called StealthVR.
  • @Jetfire60 Hi, we would like to book a remote session to check the firmware of your base station and other NOLO devices. Please send us your preferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri with your Teamviewer ID and password to 
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