Base station stays red and keeps vibrating

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Hi, I just got a Nolo set and I'm having trouble setting it correctly. The controllers and the marker seem to be paired, but the base keeps vibrating, at times briefly changing to green for a split second and then going back to red.
What should I do? Nolo Assistant recognizes all the devices.
Thank you for your help


  • @purplellie Hi, we received your email and replied to you. There is a motor inside the base station, so it should be always vibrating. :) Please try to place the base station on a stable surface to make sure the motor inside is stable. Then the LED will turn to GREEN. 
  • Yes I received it, thanks. I wasn't sure what was the best way to contact you so I tried to ask both on email and forum before getting a reply.
    Thank you for your help
  • @purplellie Hi, no problem. You're welcome to contact us here or or facebook. 
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