Controller model in SteamVR

Is it possible to change the controller type in SteamVr, from for example, the Vive controller to the Nolo one?


  • @BaliBlue Hi, thanks for your message. Yes, it can be changed in the settings of NOLO HOME. 
  • Can u show how please? My Nolo home is in Chinese as I use the Huawei VR2
  • @BaliBlue Hi, thanks for your reply. Please find the figures as below:

    The language can be changed here.
    Then you can change the controller model here:

    May I know what language of your PC? The NOLO HOME can detect the language of the windows OS then shows the correct language when you launch it in the first time. 
  • My PC is English. I changed the language now thanks. I had the earlier version of Nolo Home which was only in Chinese.
  • @BaliBlue Hi, thanks for your update. If you have any other questions, you can also reach us at 
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