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I am getting instances, where by mid game, I move outside the chaperone and for the rest f the session, my avater is outside of it.

How can I reset the chaperone during game  play as I've walked into the wall a few times now!


  • @maxpower Hi, if you mean to calibrate the orientation, please follow the steps below:
    1. Straight your arms, hold two controllers each hand.
    2. Put your hands together.
    3. Make sure the headset marker and the controllers are pointing to the base station.
    4. Double click the system button on each controller to calibrate the orientation.
    You can calibrate the orientation any time during your gameplay. 
  • Hi

    This calibrates the controllers to point forward.  The issue I have is the chaperone walls appearing 8 feet in front of me.
  • @maxpower Hi, thanks for your update. Are you able to record a short video about this issue and send it to 
  • I'll see what I can do as presently the chaperone simply doesnt work as a means of protecting the user!!!WIth ceiling mode active there is a real need for the chaperone to work sice you tend to be much more mobile.

    Still Nolo with ceilingmode is an absolutel delight to use.
  • HI

    Please have a look at this video I made in Doom 3 BFG - the chaperone is clearly seen in front of me -

  • @maxpower Thanks for the video. It seems that you set the chaperone in the Steamvr room setup. Please try to reset the chaperone there. 

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