I am using the SDK in Unity for the NOLO. Everything is configured and works as expected.

However, the controllers constantly jitter - the position jumps around large distances in one frame and then pops back again and again. The rotation of the controllers lose their alignment constantly, requiring double-pressing the controller button to re-align about every 20 seconds. Completely un-usable. When I open the "visualizer" app in NOLO Assistant, the visual results are the same. The controllers jump around all over the place and lose orientation.

I have seen many other users report this. Any advice?



  • I restarted the computer and it seems stable for the time being. What would cause it to be so jittery and unusable? Any way to avoid that other than restarting everything?
  • And then after working on the project for 45 minutes - starting the Unity game on and off about 10 times - the terrible jumping and jitter come back...
  • Day 2: I restart the computer. Launch NOLO Assistant and Unity. The controllers jump out of place about every 10 seconds and then back. I quit Unity and open the visualizer in NOLO Assistant - just hold the controllers still and they jump out of place every 10 seconds or so. 
    Does any one else have this issue? It is not usable like this. Any response from NOLO please??
  • @aprice Hi, we also received your email. Are you still using NOLO Assistant? That software is out of date. We normally recommend users using NOLO HOME instead. 
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