How to use the nolo in ivry

I want to use the nolo in ivry
But I don't know
And I don't want to nolo home
How to use the nolo in ivry?
And can it use USB tethering?
Please, let me know
+) I tried to ivry + nolo (usb tethering)
It use 4 meter usb connect the computer and headset marker
And 3 meter usb connect the my phone and computer
And I use nolo home beta version
But it can't found the base station
So onemore I try (wifi)
It use the otg usb connect phone with headset marker.
But it can't found the controller 1,2
Is not tracking


  • @ansya Hi, thanks for your message.
    May I know what mobile phone are you using? 
    For the android version of NOLO HOME, please download at Please make sure that your mobile phone and your PC are connecting to the same network. And it only supports Wi-Fi mode which that you're using OTG cable to connect the headset marker to your mobile phone.
    After you launch the NOLO HOME app on your mobile phone, your mobile phone model should be displayed on NOLO HOME windows client. 

  • @ansya The current version of iVRy doesn't support OTG NoloVR, only NoloVR connected to PC via USB. There is an OTG version in development, which is mostly complete. However, there is a lot of other functionality going into that version, so it will probably only be released in another month or so.
  • @iVRy how to use tethering usb ivry with nolo?
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