Any pre-orders get their information for shipping yet?

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Don't have my number or anything yet, but I see an increase in videos posted, probably all backers, but I figured to ask.

I'm pre-order #133 so if anyone got a higher number and their shipping information was received or they got it, let me know, in case they might've missed mine.



    This thread has pre order number 33 getting their tracking number, so they have been getting them shipped out.  I know how you feel man, I am waiting for mine too.Silver lining? They have more time to help get things squared away.  hahahaha
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    My be here Wednesday 19th  they use ground shipping that sucks 
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    Dunno guys, I am number #59 , I ordered on 16th May and nothing. Absolutely nothing, except that I read that I might be in the second-round shipment that begun on 24 June. Now is 14 July and nothing. 

    PayPal Resolution becomes more and more appealing day after day
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    Oh for sure, their communication is deferentially sub par. I dont care if its going to take a while for me to get my shipment done, since some of you guys have a pre order over 100 ahead of mine, BUT you have to let me know.

    Was it shipped out with the batch on the 24th? am I going to have to wait for the next shipment after that?

    I am not asking for much, I know the tracking number will come eventually, but Yes or No, was my NOLO on the batch of the 24th?

    Edit: Especially with the Rift + Touch being only $399 right now, I could cancel this, sell my Samsung S7 and gear VR and but a Rift CV1 isntead.
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