Where can I see my tracking number?

Where can I see my tracking number?


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    When you get one, then you can see it
  • You already have your tracking number?
  • How do I get one?
  • You wait...
  • till you get yer nolo.... then yer tracking # will be on the label
  • In my experience... When someone from china keeps saying soon in response to not getting a tracking number or why your tracking number doesn't update or show acceptance, that's what it means.
  • Our fulfillment partner has provided us most of the tracking numbers for the first round of shipments.  We'll send them to you through Kickstarter on this weenkend, and will send the others immediately when we receive them. Really sorry for the delay!

  • Hello, I was not one of the Kick-starter backers, but... I am curious, do you think the estimate of shipping this month is still looking possible? I know fulfillment of the backers are obviously first, just excited for this.

  • You get the tracking number in a message through Kickstarter. I also got an email that is connected to my Kickstarter account.
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