Jumping ship to the Rift since it's on sale.

Since the Rift is on sale right now, I bought one. So now I don't have a use for the NOLO. The concept of mobile VR is great, but I would have mostly used it for Steam VR stuff. 

I will I'll be selling my NOLO once it arrives. I have my tracking number, so I know it's going to be here soon. Any takers on buying it? It will still be sealed in the box, brand new. 


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    I am still hoping the current NOLO VR will get support for two base stations later, otherwise the value of these will drop pretty fast.
  • Well if you need an extra set, got one for sale that will ship as soon as it gets to me. Hahaha
  • @Caldor I tested with two base stations today. The connection was made but the tracking was messed up. If nolo solves this problem in software, it seems that two base stations are available.
  • They have not added support for two base stations yet I think? Right now it should just mess up the tracking, as it does not expect signals from two base stations.

    I already got the Rift myself, so I will only get an extra base station after I am sure it will work.
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    If you have a second device capable of playing VR games, it might be good to hold onto the NOLO! Never know when you'll want to play multiplayer with a friend (not the same room though probably! Although I haven't tested if NOLO interferes with my Rift and/or the other way around though).

    I am planning to pretty much use my Rift for my home desktop, and NOLO + my laptop for VR at a friends, but also will continue to try developing for NOLO on mobile (a whole new market for interactivity! smiley )

    @VRMan Really not thinking that second base station is going to be a "thing" until NOLO CV2, but maybe someone can make a power cycling or physical blocker at different intervals (eg: maybe run two big fans at different phases? The blades would block one emitter or another quite quickly, but that would need very careful room setup and still software changes)
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    So something I am wondering about. Is the Rift that much better than the nolo that the price difference of around 200€ (europe) are justified?

    I know you get an headset and so on but lets say you have allready a pretty good headset is the tracking that much better?

    Would be cool to hear that from somebody who has a rift and a nolo.
    Thank you
  • @Gabriel The Rift (even DK2) tracking is *much* better than Nolo. The Rift is essentially getting tracking samples at a much higher frequency (several 100Hz - 1000Hz, depending on the type of tracking), whereas Nolo is tracking at about 60Hz. In terms of the headset hardware (screens, lenses, comfort etc.), it's pretty likely that the Rift headset is better than whatever you have now too. Then you have software support. There is literally no headset that has better software support than the Rift (it can run anything any other headset can run with no additional drivers/software needed). And then the controllers, which have finger tracking support are the best too in terms of functionality. The constellation tracking system used by Oculus has more issues with occlusion (something being hidden from the view of the tracking camera) than "lighthouse" type tracking systems like Nolo and Vive, but this can largely be worked around by adding additional tracking cameras. In any case doing "lighthouse" tracking with a single "lighthouse" (like Nolo) has all of the same occlusion issues as using a single camera with Oculus (or a single "lighthouse" with Vive), except that all of the tracking sensors on the headset and controller with Nolo are in a smaller area, so you have more chance of the sensor being occluded than you would with Vive or Oculus (with a single camera/lighthouse). It's a shame that Nolo wasn't able to be sold for the original $100 goal, as it represents better value at that price point.

    @VRMan The Nolo and Oculus tracking systems can co-exist without interfering with each other (even when used on the same headset).

    AFAIK, the "lighthouse" base stations need to be able to sync with each other somehow to be able to be used simultaneously. Whether the Nolo base stations have this capability is unknown. If they do, they certainly aren't using it right now.
  • @iVRy ; thank you very much for this detail insight really apriciate it.
  • I think I'm just gonna buy Rift and sell Nolo when it arrives too. I can't believe the future for Nolo is so bright when it's priced at $200 now and the devs seem to hate to work with other devs which make their software update 1000 times slower.
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    best to help them want to get them better. tell them all the bugs and error problem it tell them what they need to be fix then it get better with nolo vr 

    nolo vr good idea for people who like use other vr headset and want to go more mobile with there vr 
  • @Jazneo It is a good product for what it is, and you don't have a lot of options when it comes to adding positional tracking and motion controllers to a mobile setup. That you can get vaguely close to a Vive setup with a mobile phone and some relatively inexpensive hardware is impressive. It's not really fair to compare mobile VR systems with dedicated systems like Vive and Oculus, as they are in different leagues.

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    that why i said them tell all the problem you have so they figure out so the product get better to me it work great. 

    I think there way to make 2nd base to work like when you turn around the head tracking could be told to look for the 2nd base when you do full 360 

    rotation of the body could help  sensor to detech the 2nd base if they every sale the separate 
  • head tracking what tell all the other thing to do 
  • Hi TheBoss,

    I have a Nolo and I'm looking for a second. I see you might want to sell yours. Let me know if you're interested.


  • Yes, I am interested in selling my NOLO once it arrives. If you want it, it's yours!

    I also have a Galaxy S7 + Gear VR I'll be selling too if anyone wants/needs em. Boxes included. 
  • @Theboss10987 ;

    I'll take the NOLO. I tried messaging you, but that feature doesn't seem to work. I'm in the U.S. How can I contact you?

    Thank you,

  • You can email me.  Theboss10987@yahoo.com. 
  • Just got my NOLO, and it's still up for grabs if anyone wants to buy one and not have to deal with the shipping fiasco. I'm asking for what I paid for it. 

    I also have a samsung S7 and a Gear VR that I'll sell for 250 if anyone here needs a set. 

    Let me know!
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