About setting up nolovr with pimax 4k

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Set up according to this page and start steamvr but controller and 
base station are not paired. Is there anything else I need a driver etc?


  • NOLO Driver for Windows
    This application will not launch even if launched from the shortcut 
    which made this desktop by installing this driver.
  • >This application will not launch even if launched from the shortcut 
    which made this desktop by installing this driver.

    Me, too
  • https://github.com/NOLOVR/NOLO-Driver-For-Windows/issues/5
    Since it is beta version, it seems that there is no other choice 
    but to expect application version upgrade.
    It is a pity that I can not use it as it arrives.
  • The version of NOLO Driver for Windows has been upgraded and can now
    be started.
    Even when steamvr is started, the base station is not recognized.
    Both controllers are recognized.
    When the room scale setting or game etc. is activated, 
    the phenomenon that the HMD repeatedly moves several meters 
    instantaneously occurs.
    There are other problems.
    NOLO Driver for Windows does not recognize controller and HMD
    when charging base station.
    It will take time to move around VR space freely with pimax 4k
  • Is there someone working normally with pimax 4k and nolovr?
    I upgraded to 0.4, but the base station is not paired with steamVR.
    And the HMD is flying around various places.
  • Same issue for me with PIPLAY 1.2.75

    @support can you tell us which version of PIPLAY did you use for your PIMAX videos ?
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    Still not working even with older pimax version. 

    Such a big disappointment.
  • For PiMax users, we are working closely with PiMax software team to solve the problems of using PiMax with NOLO. They will release the new Piplay software for NOLO on next Friday.
  • Is that meaning that the video with Pimax was a fake ? What else was a fake about Nolo ?
  • We're not asking you to provide support with new versions, we're asking how did you got it working when there was a kickstarter campaign. Nolo developers recorded a video saying: "Here it is, it is working", so explain us how did you got this working, unless that video was a fake and you lied to us.

    P.s. or not, don't bother youself with another bunch of lies. I'll rather sell this shit then wait another week.
  • The PiMax video was out on the 21 Feb 2017. So NOLO was most likely using PiPlay 1.1.92. Test that out and see what happens or wait until Friday
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    Nothing happens, thats what i'm talking about, it doesnt work with 1.1.92 and most of us dont like versions above 1.1.92, so even if they add support it will be useless for people who backed in February considering it works with 1.1.92

    They told 'we support pimax', but it doesnt and now pimax should solve that issue like if its not Nolo has promised working solutions to sell their shit.
  • The version of piplay we can guess through the above video is 1.2.33.
    I think NOLO is worth the wait until Friday.

  • I can pair controllers but they just behind me around 2-3 feet. Whatever nolo driver 0.1.0 or 0.4.0.
  • @mirq @industria  First of all, we didn't lie about PiMax. Back on Feb 21st, we've made a successful demo with PiMax 4K. Our old solution requires a old version of Piplay 1.2.52 and some inconvinience steps. We don't know if they had released this version. So we decided to make a new stable version for users. After that,users only need to run the Piplay software then you can play Steam VR with PiMax & NOLO freely.

    Secondly, it's not like we made PiMax solve the issue for us. This solution needs both of our efforts. We completed all the compatible work and then PiMax needed to gather all the works into their software. 

    Thank you for your understanding.
  • @admin will you release related piplay version and show us the setup steps for us to try ? I know the Friday will has the new version but i think everyone want to try our nolo immediately .
  • @goroc9 We are very sorry the 1.2.52 version is only for test. We don't think we have the right to release it if PiMax didn't. Actually, there are only two days before they release the new version. Please be patient.:)

    Thank you for your understanding.
  • I would liked to have this informations BEFORE buying NoloVR.
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    Dont worry acaro, more disappointments incoming very soon. Will see tomorrow how the new version will be delayed or will not work, so we could stay upset another weekend or more.
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    I start to suspect that my NoloVRs have not even been shipped. I would like to clarify some points:
    1) why in the NoloVR site is written "delivery expected by June 2017"?
    2) Why is NoloVR's site written that the system is compatible with Pimax 4k?
    3) Why did the tracking number that I was promised has not arrived yet and is late?
    NoloVR is losing credibility. But I still have the hope that he can prove that he did not mislead advertising. My Pimax need a positional tracking.
  • I can probably give some form of answer to your questions, but the admin will certainly have more exact informations.
    1) that's because it's when they originally expected to deliver them
    2) because in their testing they were able to get it to work with the Pimax and have been working with them to update the software for better compatibility.
    3) if you're a Kickstarter backer and your Nolo was sent in the first round, you should have your tracking # already. I you didn't fill out the survey completely and had to be pushed in the 2nd round, then I suspect you will receive your tracking # next week. (It took about 2 weeks for their shipping partner to provide the tracking for the 1st round) Anf if you pre-ordered, it's been mentioned elsewhere that pre-orders should be shipping on the 24th (a week late) so it's not even on it's way yet.

    Please remember that they're a small startup dealing with the launch of their first product so there are going to be a few bumps in the road. It's unavoidable.
  • Today is Friday, and I think they lied to us again.
    I have for a week some nolo that I can not use at all.
    The new promise to have an update will be: one day, one week, one year.
  • Today is Friday.
    Did Piplay version upgrade?
    Did nolo tell us a lie?
    Everyone would want to believe nolo's remarks.
    If there is no update during Friday, you should disclose how to make it work in the old way.
    Otherwise, would not it leak that it was a lie one after another on the Internet?
    Everyone, including me, would like to believe in nolo.
  • Admin said 'We completed all the compatible work and then PiMax needed to gather all the works into their software. ' , is that mean the new version driver should be released by Pimax ?
  • NOLO has been contacted from!
    「No worries. We will update the Beta version of the new Piplay on our website today.

    There are still some problems that PiMax and NOLO need to fix for the new software, they will release the official version of Piplay after we solve them all.

    Thank you for your understanding.」
  • Pimax released the 1.2.85
  • @triman link please
  • found it on nolo download page.
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    How to install Pimax 4K and NOLO


    1. Install Piplay 1.2.85
    2. Connect Pimax 4K's USB and HDMI cables to PC
    3. Turn on the NOLO base station
    4. Connect the NOLO headset marker to the PC with 4M cable
    5. Confirm that piplay recognizes NOLO and restarts after driver installation
    6. Run Steam VR
    7. Room Setup is normal.
    8. Place the headset horizontally on a flat surface within the tracking area, then press the pair button on the headset marker to complete the Steam VR Room Setup.Turn on the controllers by pressing the system button. Face the base station and put on the headset, then double-click the system button on any controller to calibrate the orientation.

    That's all.

    Note :
    Do not run the NOLO driver program.
    If you run it, you will get a message saying "sign off"
    It means to close the NOLO driver program.

    So, enjoy it from now on ~!

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