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Hello! I purchased Nolo before 24th of June and 1 week ago i got my tracking number. I was checking number everyday and there is no any information. I texted Nolo but they still didnt answer. I want to ask you guys, does anyone have same issue?


  • Got my tracking number on 23rd July and since updates. Dunno if the package is already in my country or not. I do not expect to get the package in the near future...
  • i ordered on 8th june and still didn't get no tracking number and they stopped answering me as well who can i contact?
  • yes me. for 7 days now. exactly the same except they answered me. I post here their answer for you: 

    "The tracking number is for the package that has arrived in your country and cleared customs. You should be able to see label created once the package is in your country and clearing. 

    Sometimes the shipping status will not update in time. Please don’t worry, if your package meet with any delivery problem, we’ll contact you immediately."
  • Ok, thank you guys, now i know that im not alone
  • Date/Time
    7/26/2017 - Wednesday
    9:36 pmArrived at FedEx locationFEDEX SMARTPOST LOS ANGELES, CA
    7/16/2017 - Sunday
    12:57 pmShipment information sent to FedEx
  • I got my number with no info too.
    >Sometimes the shipping status will not update in time.
    As if you can really call this "sometimes" *shrugs*
  • My status updated today! Under normal circumstances the package should be here by Saturday at the latest. Let's hope the best. :)
  • Really?? Where are you from?
  • Germany ^^
  • Ok, im from Slovenia so i hope i get it next week.
  • when was your last you received a mail from nolo cuz that don't even answer my mail anymore for few days maybe even a week 
  • Week ago
  • i just checked and the last time they answered me was 2 weeks ago and nothing since then...

  • In transit
    Ship date:
    Wed 7/26/2017

    Scheduled delivery:
    Wed 8/02/2017 by end of day

    Customize DeliveryRequest NotificationsObtain Proof of Delivery
    • More actions
    Travel History

    7/27/2017 - Thursday
    6:27 pmIn transitLOS ANGELES, CA
    6:03 amDeparted FedEx locationFEDEX SMARTPOST LOS ANGELES, CA
    7/26/2017 - Wednesday
    9:36 pmArrived at FedEx locationFEDEX SMARTPOST LOS ANGELES, CA
    7/16/2017 - Sunday
    12:57 pmShipment information sent to FedEx
  • I got my shipping info too! huzzah

    Now i wait for it to arrive so i can ship it out to the next guy hahahaha
  • Can't wait to get home:

    Fri, 28.07.17 09:22--The shipment has been successfully delivered
  • Since it seems I am the only one left without a valid tracking number, I declare myself disappointed by me because I was so fool to trust Nolo team and by consequence I opened a PayPal resolution dispute in order to refund my payment.

    The reason that made me do that is the tracking number which I consider is a lie.
  • I've been thinking about getting a refund via PayPal(or selling it if they actually deliver it ever) too. It's been almost 2 months since I ordered Nolo and I still got nothing but a tracking number which doesn't really work. To think I thought I could actually get it within 15 days since I was from Asia... How naive was I lol   They keep saying they'd tell me if there were some shipping issues but there IS ALREADY a problem when it takes one whole month and more to deliver it than it was supposed to do so in my opinion. 
  • Mine should finally be delivered today, and i will be shipping it out right away. Between the hardware, software, and shipping issues, plus the Rift being on sale, I sold the NOLO. 
  • Ben you are not alone :), and for me its even worse :(. I didnt pay with paypal.
  • My NOLO VR Showed up Yesterday.  I haven't had time to play with it yet, but it comes in BEAUTIFUL Packaging.  Very Classy.  It appears to be very well made too.  Hope it functions as well as it looks.  
    Hang in there everyone, there is a light at the end of the Tunnel.

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