Can someone do a ceiling mount tutorial

Including mounting and any software changes that need to be done? Preferably without the need for a 3D printer or having a mount shipped. I can't find anything about it and when I mounted the base station everything was upside-down and backwards. Not to mention the base station fell down with some plaster and I had to repair it. Lol.


  • For the ceiling mount, first of all, you need some way to hold the base station to the ceiling position. Some users have tried with velcro, but i doubt it can hold the base for a long time... Other method can be some conical hole in a piece of wood, that can let you put the base station there, but with no risk of falling down (like what Daley Tech did). Other way could be with some grabing clamp, that don't let the base station go...
    Once found a good way to hold the base station there, you need to configure the nolo software for ceiling position. That is made by changing some DLL, as explained here: supports the 360 degree dll plugin
    Note, i'm not sure if the 0.7 ceiling dll works with the 0.8 driver...
    Other place to ask about this, is the Nolo Group in facebook:

  • To mount mine I cut a hole in a round tupperware dish and screwed the lid into the ceiling. All I have to do is put my base station in the dish and screw the bowl into the ceiling mounted lid.
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