Feedback from Greg @ Driver4VR on 360 Deg tracking, NOLO VR + Kinect

Hi NOLO VR users! I emailed the creator behind Driver4VR ( regarding 360 tracking with an extra camera (Kinect or otherwise) and here is the response I received:

Yes. I think it id possible. But effort and not sure if many people want it.
Perhaps someone run survey on forum or other way to get feedback.

So in light of his comments, here is a survey to get a tally of how many people would be interested in this alternative solution. It would mean spending ~$30 for an Xbox Kinect camera in return for full 360 tracking.

Bear in mind we still do not know whether NOLO will try and implement some sort of 360 deg tracking with the current hardware...


  • add to facebook group as well 
  • I don't just want it. It has been imperative for every friggin game I have played so far! Why wouldn't anyone want it? 360 tracking is a must for me!
  • @Jazneo I have already posted it on the facebook group as well as here :)

    @Failrunner I totally agree, I think Greg wants to see actual numbers of interested people so I figured I would put together a VERY simple strawpoll. This would obviously make NOLO VR a very robust product at its price point.
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    Yup that's my strong answer.  :)
  • This poll kind of amazed me... there is one person there that answered a "no"...
    Maybe was the frustrated whinging user?
  • Could be that they don't want to buy any extra hardware. I already have a spare Kinect for 360 and Xbox One with adapters so its okay for me luckily
  • Maybe, but why to go against it? If the software is there, you can choose to buy the kinect... but if there is no software capable of doing the job, the cameras are useless for this matter....
  • Yeah I agree its silly to reject it
  • I always thought it would be neat to be able to implement PS Move Service with Nolo to somehow get more precise tracking.  I know that relies on lights and Nolo really doesn't so I have no clue how it'd work, but still thought it'd be cool, lol
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    So I just heard back from Greg, he is pretty keen on trying to sort this out, however he needs a bit of help... I am no programmer whatsoever, however I figured the power of the internet might come to help us out! Here is what he needs and I am unclear how difficult this is....

    From Greg:
    I can make it really easy. Almost no calibration manual.
    But need this in c#

    Ignore that comment! We may be near this sooner than we think.... :)

  • It will be great, keep informing :)
    (360 deg for head and controllers, i think?)
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    It's also worth noting: anyone interested in WalkinVR for its rotation + movement only should instead go for Driver4VR, because it has both and is cheaper! :)

    The other things Greg has been doing for Driver4VR are icing on the cake, although his ideas for 360 tracking do sound really cool as well
  • A big yes! I've spent waaay too much on PsMoveService but the setup & tracking quality even with 4 cameras was not good enough for me. I wouldnt mind spending a few for a Kinect. I've attached my Nolo base sensor on my ceiling fan using velcro stickers, it would be nice if there is a second sensor for 360 tracking without me climbing up the ladder to get it on and off the ceiling!
  • Give give. I saw a similar kinect for iphones and androids.. Y is there not one for pc.
  • Sure if he didnt demand a subscription model for it, or way over the top price.

    WalkInVR is useful to some, but the price and way he marketed it was horrendous!
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    @bigo93 agreed but he has been tuning the price much better for WalkinVR now. And Driver4VR is cheaper than that and does move and turn now. I think its not a subscription just a year of support.

    Honestly though it just works well for roomscale in front facing mode and removes the Steam room setup every time too.
  • Last time I complained he said he's turned it to a one-time purchase, but may in future bring back the subscription model!

    This completely puts me off him and his products.
    You cannot sell something at then a year later tell that person they will have to pay a subscription for it now.
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    @bigo93 I talk with him often, he's just not sure what his product is worth / what people are willing to pay / how much work will lie ahead for maintaining them.

    Minecraft cost more as the development went on, lots of software changes from purchase to subscription. It's not unheard of for a developer / company to do that over time.

    This generation of VR being such a young field means that entrepreneurs like Greg are testing the waters, trying to find a sustainable business model.

    Driver4VR is very much worth the purchase, and both it and WalkinVR are getting more features every month. VR games on Steam sell subscriptions for commercial use and one-time for home users, and I think that's the model he should go for with his software too, so home users benefit from the research and development paid for by commercial users.

    But if it was subscription? It's still the best option for 360 room scale with NOLO.
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