Need to cancel my pre-order #02026

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I need to cancel my pre-order via PayPal.  I tried contacting support but haven't heard anything back.  I need to cancel for the time being.


  • Tagging @admin to hopefully flag it for their attention :)
  • This has been nothing but a headache. I just want my money back. I do not know why you Nolo is avoiding that. I want my money back. The nolo vr is worthless. Give me my money back or I go public with everything from the support not knowing what to do with their own product and the bullshit controls and gameplay of it. I am tired of dealing with a broken worthless cheap imitation of the vive.
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    @Waymos did you back on Kickstarter or pre-order online?

    Kickstarter isn't a "purchase", it's a reward in exchange for supporting them, and so they technically don't have to refund you.

    Even still, I think you'd have an easier time re-selling the NOLO online in the country you're in (and someone would want to buy it because they don't have to wait for the shipping).

    As for going public, feel free to, however if you haven't contacted yet I'd recommend asking them for troubleshooting help or otherwise posting more about your situation so that at least we (fellow forum users / human beings who don't appreciate spam) can help you out.

    NOLO is not a Vive or a competitor, it is more like an emulator that brings the experience onto platforms it wasn't designed for (mobile phones), with a trade-off of tracking quality for vastly decreased costs.

    That said, I have been having a great time playing SUPERHOT VR with NOLO in front-facing wireless with RiftCat, so just because you can't get it to work does not mean that "it doesn't work"*

    *-Unless of course you have a defective unit, but only NOLO team can help you determine that

    Honestly even the Oculus Rift (which is a great price right now) isn't "easy" to set up the first time, so if that's what you're looking for I recommend waiting until the second or third generation(s) of VR hardware that will be aimed at a wider audience/mass consumer market
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