I just get my NOLO after fooling around for couple hours, its worked but controllers point to wrong direction.
Browsing the forum, some suggests "NOLO_BaseStation_Repair_CN"
I did it, unfortunately the app stops along the way and never come back on,
including my base station, usb no longer detect the unit.
Is it a big deal (I supposed). Any suggestion


  • Nolo does not work at all. It is worthless and they will not respond back after I have asked several times for a refund. They are a scam.
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    It is not a scam, and did you back on Kickstarter because if so they don't actually owe you a refund (it's a reward not a purchase, Kickstarter is not a store). The NOLO team has been very friendly and helpful in the few times they have contacted me.

    I said all this and more already here:

    @admin any way for us users to report spammers like above?

    Unfortunately to original poster their only hope might be emailing
  • As for the refund part, I preordered just missing the kickstarter by 3 days. The Nolo is kind to offer me the refund. Apparently I have a fluke Nolo set since the Nolo team is unable to figure out the problem.  
  • @Waymos very glad to hear that you were able to get the support you need. Hardware defects do happen to any device ( I see it in the Oculus Reddit for people buying brand new Rift headsets ), and I apologize for my strong wording against your posts.

    In a small community like this one post is usually enough, as there isn't enough traffic to bury your comments, and words like "scam" and "worthless" have a heavy weight to them that shouldn't be thrown around lightly.
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