Nolo porting VR games to smartphones?!?!?!?

Hey everyone, I was just doing the NOLO survey when I came across this question, which made me think... Is Nolo porting VR games to smartphones?!?
I really hope this is the case, as it could expand Nolo entirely!


  • Maybe they plan on reaching out to developers and offer them a free NOLO kit if they're willing to port their app.
  • Also, have you noticed nolo has taken off recently? New firmware updates, software updates, applications built for nolo itself, perfect english, professional marketing, giveaways, surveys, and last of all... Possible android porting? And when I click the survey link it says "Leaving facebook. Are you sure you want to leave facebook?" and it just seems a little odd.
  • After a rocky start, they finally seem to be getting their act together. Which is a good thing because I was afraid it was going to become a dead product. Seeing the NOLO kit being sold on Amazon is very nice.

    They probably copied the link from their Facebook post, which automatically adds this message, instead of using the direct link when they copy-pasted.
  • I tried to copy paste the link from their facebook page, but it didn't display the same message, also, Facebook is in the default code of the website for that link.
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