Randomly losing tracking for seconds at a time

I'm not sure what has caused this, since the update was working fine earlier, but my NOLO seems to randomly lose tracking for seconds at a time when connected to my PC, both in the Visualizer and in RiftCat. It'll behave normally for around 15 seconds, and then all tracking will cease for about 3 seconds, then it'll start over again. Anyone know how to fix this?


  • By "All tracking will cease" do you mean both position and rotation will be lost? The issue could be the instability of the USB connection. Please notice the LED status of all the NOLO devices while they lose tracking.
  • @MadmanEpic There was (is?) a bug in some of the SDKs where the headset marker will stop tracking when the controllers go out of range.
  • @admin I've checked with several cables and setups, as well as checking how the LEDs react to the desync, and everything seems fine, both on the light and in the drivers.
  • @MadmanEpic Hi there, Is it possible for you to shoot a short video showing the problem please? i.e. including about three rounds of its behaving normal and then losing tracking; also the status of indicating light on the devices while tracking is lost. So that our dev team would have more details to look into, thanks!
  • @admin ;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhKr6GuwTEk There ya go. Any pauses or stutters are the result of the tracking acting up.
  • @MadmanEpic Hi there, We received your feedback. Please install the 'NOLO Tetris' (a mobile VR game at https://www.nolovr.com/apps/) on the phone; and launch the game to play in mobile VR mode (front-facing base station and please find a spacious area if possible - no objects around 1m to the left and right, around 2.7m to the back) and examine whether random tracking lost still happens (mobile vr mode tutorial at https://www.nolovr.com/android-mobile-vr). Thanks! 
  • @admin The NOLO Tetris app works fine.
  • @MadmanEpic Hi there, could you please send your email address to support@nolovr.com or by facebook messages; so we would be able to send you some files for testing? Thanks
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