Does Nolo lack some sensors to really replicate Vive/Rift?

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I know Nolo was designed to be for mobile. And still, in practice it is currently mostly a cheap Vive/Rift alternative for Steam VR games.

As such I would like to clarify something, that I could not find out on the kickstarter page.
Do the Nolo controllers have an accelerometer?
Do they have a gyroscope?
What about a magnetometer?

But mostly I wonder about the first, the accelerometer. In another thread I wondered why I (and others) are unable to throw items like we can see Vive/Rift users do. The items tend to simply drop to the ground, note even a little arc... just down.

As a hobby programmer I wondered if the positional information is really relevant/enough for calculating the arc an item would have to fly once the player lets go of the trigger. I'd rather use the acceleromater data.

But: If the Nolos don't have these components, a game that relies on them can only see "Oh, this object has no acceleration. I'll just make it fall to the ground then"
That would be very sad :-(

(Another example: in the game "Bullets And More VR" there is a Revolver. In real life, people like to close the revolver after reloding by flicking the weapon to the side. The game replicates this

@ 4:56

Sadly, with the Nolo I could not make this work. This might be the same problem.)


  • I have seen people mention that they have trouble throwing things with the NOLO. I am guessing this might be related to that.
  • That was possibly my thread ^^
    I just realised that the forum reduced my youtube link to a simple screenshot. Weird. So again, this video was posted. /watch?v=EH1R2hVZ3Ew

  • Was that video using nolo? You seemed to toss those grenades just fine. 
  • No no, that is how the game should work, using a Vive. I have not made a video so far.
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    This guy, while not very good at SuperHot, seemed to be able to toss items well. Don't know why some people have issues. I don't have mine yet to test, just curious if maybe it's a driver issue or something similar. 
  • @ruolbu  NOLO has all the sensors you mentioned, accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers.

    We had the throwing problem in an old version of our driver but we fixed it. You can try to uninstall the old NOLO driver in control panel and install the newest version.

    Apologies for the inconvinience caused.
  • Thanks for the feedback.
    I installed the current driver: 0.5.2
    Nothing about my problems changed. As a reference, please try to install the Demo for Climbey. There is a walking mechanic in the game that is used by holding the grip button and then moving the controller. I confirmed with the dev that this is using accelerometer data to start the movement. With Nolo I can't do this.

    Second: Try installing the Demo for Bullets and More VR. In the How to play Tutorial you can find a revolver that I can't reload by moving my controller. Neither can I throw any object in the game, they all fall to the ground.

    If you say the sensors exist, maybe you don't properly handle the data? I really don't know but it does not work for me.
  • Do you click the grip button once to pick up and second to release or do you keep it pressed in all the time while holding?
  • I find the issue I have with throwing isn't the controller itself, but the blocking of the headmarker or the controllers by accident when trying to throw directly in front of me. Any chance that's what's happening?
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    throw side way not infront of the head tracking lol 

    i think i know the problem is the head tracking is the camera and the base is the light source 
  • Nolo is not perfect. It is a cheap alternative. 
    It has its weaknesses and you must work around them or go get a htc vive.

    That being said yes lifting the controller infront of the headtracker will lose your headtracking so try tilting your body abit.
    And as for throwing i do have a slightly hard time but i can throw things pretty well most of the time.

    You should try throwing stuff around in the oculus demo 'contact". Its a great experience with vr
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    Combine Leap motion and Nolo vr  it could be possible make driver make this 2 thing work together instead think you have 4 controller 
  • Another play session another set of data. I really think there is something still wrong with the Nolo drivers or something. Maybe it depends on how the game in question handles throwing. But so far there are few instances where I can throw and even then it is not reliably.
    For exampla: Rec Room. After picking up the basketball I can only occasionally throw it underhanded, i.e. while moving my controller upwards. Of even that fails and the ball will simply fall straight down. It won't even roll away, because it has no forwards momentum. It just drops down.

    But another game "lathe safety simulator" works very well for 'throwing'. The game uses moon gravity or something, so things float more or less. But they do continue to move forwards when they leave my hand. And that happens for exception reliably.

    Yeah something is just not right here :/

    @Zuhns I usually don't use the grip button for throwing at all. Most games tend to use the trigger. And in that case both holding the trigger to hold the item and letting go to throw as well as pulling the trigger again to throw result in a broken throw straight down.

    @Hooflee if you can, I would like to see video footage of that, just so that I can compare it to my system when I try that game. Maybe there is something wrong on my end that other users don't have...
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    @LoneTech has a python script that they have been using to test the controllers.  Aparently the controllers are making multiple reports per function call (if I understood them correctly) that may be causing throws to be inconsistent.   For example;  when the controller is moving during the throw sometimes the distance between checks show large values, sometimes it shows large value followed immediately by showing no change (like two position checks at the same time).  If you let go of the object right after a 'no change' report the object will not have any (or very little) velocity.  

    They brought this up in the thread "where is the analogue trigger value"  :

  • Yeah I had trouble throwing items in Superhot VR. Hopefully a few updates will fix that.
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