Controller position in Steam

I use an Oculus DK2 headset with Nolo VR.
I see well in my helmet with all the movements that react well, against the level of Nolo everything is ok in the Nolo viewer with the controllers well spotted in the space but as soon as I go on Oculus Home I can not seem to them use at all and in Steam VR the controllers are shifted.
I tried Ivry but my controllers were no longer detected by Nolo. So I deleted Ivry.
Would the new version correct the problem?
Somme obliged us to use Rifcat Vridge and / or Trinus?
I have not used them for now because impossible to install them in the DK2 as in a smartphone.
If someone had a solution I think that many people would be very grateful.
Thank you.


  • You won't be able to use the NoloVR controllers for Oculus Home or any other Oculus software, ever, with an Oculus headset. You can use them with DK2 in SteamVR, but not with iVRy, RiftCat or Trinus as these are all solutions for using a smartphone as a HMD, not a DK2.
  • Hi @Nicolo,

    Regarding playing Oculus Home with NOLO, the Oculus games would not be supported at the moment. However, they would be able to get running with later version of NOLO desktop software (other necessary software will also be needed such as Revive, etc). 
    We will test specific headset on its compatibility to play the Oculus games with NOLO devices then. 
    As for streaming softwares, they would be needed for Mobile VR headsets for SteamVR gameplay. 

    Thank you. 
  • As for controller shifted in SteamVR, would you please provide more details on the behavior (such as shoot a short video and send to
    Please refer to the Oculus DK2 tutorial for detailed setup - ;
  • Hello
    The link you give me for the configuration with Oculus DK2 tells me:
    "We could not find the page you were looking for.
    There is an error in the URL entered into your web browser. Please check the URL and try again.
    The page you are looking for has been moved or deleted.
    You can return to our homepage by clicking here, or you can search for it."

    My DK2 is working properly, only the controllers are shifted.

  • And for the video you ask me, would you have a more precise link because I fall on the home page of the support but do not know or post this video.
    I do not find how to send you a video
  • Here is a link for the video
  • Hi @Nicolo,

    Thank you for the footage. The previously mentioned link is -  ;

    For the controller issue, would you please try the moves in the Visualizer from NOLO driver and see the behavior of the devices - please turn on all NOLO devices and plug in ONLY the headset marker to PC; 

    If the devices working alright in the Visualizer - we have seen that there was multiple controllers appeared occasionally in the SteamVR from the video, please find the attached file and send us the request files. 

    Thank you. 
  • Hello
    Sorry but your link really does not work.
    I'm sending you a screenshot of the page I'm falling on.

    Everything works fine in the NOLO Driver Visualizer

    The other 2 controllers that appeared occasionally in the Steam VR of the video you saw only appear when I open the window that shows the positioning of the devices.
    This is quite normal, you will see at the same time the VR helmet in the space that shows this position and that of the controllers in relation to it.
    I have voluntarily opened this window so that you can better understand the gap between the headphones and the controllers.

    The controllers are behind me and even stretching out my arms in front of me I can not see them in front of my eyes because I exceed the tracker in front of me and the controllers arrive on an invisible barrier and do not go further.

    You will also notice in the video that it happens sometimes that the controllers are shifted a lot and are downright further and reversed compared to my position. This happens when I move to try to position myself in relation to the controllers or when I move the tracker to try to fix the problem.

    I enclose the requested files

    Thank you
  • Hi @Nicolo ,

    Thank you for the files. For the tutorial link, please find the one without the dot or space at the end which resulted in the wrong direction of the webpage.

    Please make sure to have completed the full setup of Oculus DK2. 

    Thank you. 
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