Ceiling mount issue

Still issues with hand tracking above head while using ceiling mode

How to fix this? any idea?


  • Hi @PablosPicasso

    For troubleshooting, please first try in Normal mode (front-facing) and examine whether there is any issues - you may try the moves in the Visualizer from NOLO driver and see the behaviors of the devices; 

    If the devices working alright in front-facing mode - please refer to the following for playing in ceiling mode (you may also find them in the FAQ section from our website https://www.nolovr.com/faq) - 

    a. Ceiling mode requires the height of ceiling at 2.5m ~ 5m, the effective tracking area therefore might be affected by the actual height of ceiling;

    b. In ceiling mode, the reference direction is set as the direction that system button of base station is pointing in; please calibrate the controller orientation pointing in reference direction (i.e. no need to point to the ceiling);

    c. The tracking precision would not be different from Normal mode (front-facing). While tracking lost might be frequent because of the block of tracking beacon on the devices by the player him/herself during the play, according to the player's behavior while lowering head (tracking beacon on the headset marker might be blocked) or keep hands straight (tracking beacon on the controller might be blocked). 

    Thank you. 

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