Controllers tracking problem in Android SDK

Hi, I have found this problem when testing last RiftCat 2.1.4 beta in NOLO Wireless mode.

I have hands with both controllers in front of me with constant distance between controllers. Then I start rotaing with all body to the right and left. When the outside conroller reach cca 80° of rotation, then its path change direction to back. See my recorded video

Then I have confirmned the same problem is in mobile application Alien Attack installed from NOLO Home. I have repeated the same test with only one controller connected and the result was the same.

Then I connected NOLO headset marker via USB to PC and made the same test in Visualizer and here was all OK.

This is why the problem is in the Android SDK.

Can anyone else please confirm this behavior in the Android SDK?


  • Hi @djelinek,

    Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded the issue to our dev team and will look into it soon. We will keep you updated with the latest information. 

  • Would you please try the moves in another environment - if possible, you may change to play in another room with the game 'Alien Attack'.

    If changing to another room is not practical, please move to different spots in the room - as the behavior from the provided footage would likely be caused by ultrasonic reflection. 

    Thank you. 
  • Ok, I will try it.
  • I can confirmn, that the problem will be in environment. The test in other room was OK and second test in original room at night was much better, first test was during day. So I will experiment with base station position and orientation. Can you explain which environment can make similiar trouble for NOLO tracking system?
  • edited April 2018

    Hi @djelinek

    Thank you for your effort and information. Please find the recommended play area setup for NOLO in the following (could also be found from our FAQ section on the NOLO website - 

    Q: What would be the recommended play area setup to play NOLO?

    A:  NOLO offers a positioning range of 5.3m from a base station of 100° Field-of-View. Here are the recommended play area settings:

    i. Base station is placed at shoulder level;

    ii. Stand facing base station, the initial distance between base station and the player should be at least 2m (with no block in the middle). No objects near or within the activity area (i.e. applies to areas about 1m to both left and right of the player, about 2.7m to the back of the player);

    iii. Valid tracking area would be broader as the player stands farther from base station;

    iv. No reflective objects facing the base station;

    v. No other running motors in the area;

    vi. No other similar VR devices in use at the moment (ultrasonic / laser devices such as HTV Vive, other NOLO sets, etc.);

    vii. Keep off the hi-power wireless emission devices, such as hi-power wireless router, complex wireless environment;

    viii. Tracking will be lost if there is block in between base station and controller / headset marker. 

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