Doubled controllers, Help reducing cables, Help improving roomscale/weird experiments

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So first thing I've gotten duplicate controllers in SteamVR Only when the menu is opened, i can't select anything in said menu.
Definately noticed SteamVR picks up 4 controllers and 2 lighthouses even though i only have 1
Also those icons does SteamVR just natively support Pimax and Nolo gear now?
It's possible Driver4VR is doing that even though i don't run it, it seems to run itself on SteamVR launch so it might be injecting somehow?
also does it when running Piplay and/or the Nolo app.

I'm also trying to figure out a way of reducing cables while adding additional tracking of somekind to help with roomscale setup

Everything i currently have: pimax 4k, Nolo VR, Leap Motion, 360 kinect, Raspberry Pi 3 and a Cocoon Create 3D printer.

Could i have the Pimax, Nolo head tracker and Leap routed into some kind of hub like a Raspberry Pi?
At the moment with Just the Pimax and Nolo the chunky duel Nolo headtracker cable creates a ton of awkward weight on the right side
I need some help figuring out how best to route cables over the center of my head so I'm not so weighed down on one side.

Would a kinect setup behind me help with overall tracking? I'm guessing theres no way for the kinect to detect and help positionally track the controllers/headset since its more a basic skeleton tracker.

Can't quite do the ceiling mount with my current room (ceiling far too high up and a low hanging big center light)

My best guess so far is to make some sort of hub design and print a 3d case/bracket/mount/thing for it all
but its the more hardware side of somehow routing everything via some kind of hub that I'm stuck on.

Anyone have suggestions on what i could do?
I'd like to do things cheaply and I'm not afraid to spend time ghetto modding things but should i just buy more lighthouses? i can't find Nolos ones sold individually though.
Get 1 or 2 Vive/Rift lighthouses for 3rd party software to handle combined tracking if that'd even work?
Go the mocap route with kinects?

Any and all suggestions greatly welcomed.


  • Hi @OriginalDan,

    As for multiple controllers shown in SteamVR, please make sure NOLO driver is closed while using Pimax headset, so it will be 'Pimax + NOLO devices + Piplay' combo running while playing. 
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