Function of extra cables?

There were a lot of cables and connections included in the packaging for which the function is unclear. No mention in the manual. For instance, what are the usb connections for in the square box on the long cable that connects the PC to the headset marker? Thanks.


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    Hi @Vinoh,

    i) 4m SteamVR cable - used for connecting to PC for PC VR gameplay; 
    ii) Micro USB / Type-C OTG cable - used for connecting to mobile phone or standalone all in one for mobile VR play;  
    iii) Multi charging cable (USB 3 in 1) - used for charging the devices 
  • What is the little box with the USB connectors in the middle of the 4M cable for? And what is the function of the 3M splitter cable?

  • - 4m cable is to connect headset marker to PC, so if using PC VR headsets, you would need 4m cable to connect headset marker to PC directly for SteamVR play;

    - 3m cable is to connect smartphone to 4m cable, so if using mobile VR headsets to play SteamVR games, you would need the 3m cable to connect your smartphone to 4m cable (to the little box on 4m cable*), then use 4m cable to connect headset marker to PC for SteamVR play; 

    *little box in the middle of 4m cable is a hub: 3m cable is connected to 4m cable through this hub, the two ports are used to make it compatible with different smartphone. 

  • Ah, got it. Thanks!
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