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i know this is an old subject but i just jumped in and bought a cheap dk2 and a nolo cv1 but i followed all the old YouTube guides an downloaded the GitHub tools set steamvr to beta all goes acording to plan but the display on the dk2 is blank i know there is something there cus i show the mirror image and steam home is there is steamvr beta not supported now then cus its wierd please can someone help me many thank 


  • setting steamvr to openvr input emulator fixes somthing gives me a dk2 screen and headtracking but no nolo controllers 
  • a) Please turn off NOLO devices, and check in demo scene from Oculus DK2's own driver and see if the headset is working alright;  

    b) Please let us know the serial number on product box starts with letters LY. If you have NOLO driver (v0.12) installed, please check the firmware version of each NOLO device in firmware updater from NOLO driver. 

    Please then download and install new PC desktop software -NOLO Assistant (v1.1.14) from
    As the newly released NOLO Assistant replaces the NOLO driver, please do not run these two software at the same time. 

    Please then set SteamVR to stable branch (not temporary nor beta version) and try if it works. 

  • yes the demo scene is working i have the dk2s own head tracking camera track fine my  nolo cv1 serial is ly04817120404951 and yes the driver is 12 and all the devices are up to date firmware ive restored steamve to non beta now and loaded the new NOLO ASSISTANT ver 1.1.14 and turned of old one so how do i get the head track working for the nolo thanks for your help it looks like all the dk2 stuff got abandoned november last year shame good head set
  • im using oculus_runtime_sdk_0.8.0.0 by the way if that help 
  • does anyone still own a dk2 and a nolo now please can they help thank you i would still like to use the dk2 with nolo 
  • i got the controllers working by uninstalling all oculus apps and install installing the old  hdk2 software and till dk2 shows a second screen replacing some osvr from github and running osvr service like the described from last year from a guy called Daley tech and works with bugs like steamvr home looses controllers i have to recenter them in the osvr panal then the appear again strange also i use standard steam vr not beta now that beta doesn't work gives  blank vr compositor  on the dk2 

  • Please follow the tutotial completely -

    and check if it will work. 

  • yeah thanks
  • has anyone used driver4vr before 

  • because the tracking is great even with oculus drivers installed even has head tracking fortunately the button on the controllers aren't  ironed out yet well one controller that is the other just tacking no buttons so i turned controllers off for now just use nolo drivers but head tracking, just a heads up about the program thanks
  • Hi @ravon4455

    Have you got DK2 up and running with NOLO following the tutorial? 
  • no the tracking was annoying kept jumping about waiting for a fix 
  • with driver4vr that is. gone back to the suggested dk2 setup guide that more stable apart from having to reset the yaw to get my controllers to appear in steam vr its ok 
  • Thank you for the information, please run NOLO Assistant and quit NOLO driver.

    Also please let us know - 
    a. LED status on each powered-on NOLO device, especially for base station please include i) LED status, ii) lights from front panel and iii) its vibrating status. 
    b. Connection status from NOLO Assistant - please turn on NOLO devices, and plug in only headset marker to PC.
    c. Device behavior in the Visualizer from NOLO Assistant - please turn on NOLO devices, and plug in only headset marker to PC. 

    Thank you. 

  • yeah the lights are all green and the 2 little red lights on base station are red and constantly vibrates  nolo assistant shows its all paired up the headmarker is always plugged in to pc and visualiser shows all stable connections just waiting for driver4vr to sort there controller software out ie tracking and controllers acting up weird then be fine 
  • Hi how do i start a new thread?
    i have an alternative setup for dk2 which is much quicker and stable and allows use of vive and oculus stores with the new nolo update it works perfect.
  • Hi cmargach80, thanks for your message. You could just click the Plus symbol button at the bottom right to start a new discussion. 
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