Charge phone while connected to marker?

Is there any way to provide power to the phone and marker which they are connected with the OTG cable? I'm using it with my Oculus Go and it drains the battery and won't even connect if the charge is less than 40%. Attaching a battery would be very helpful.


  • @Vinoh

    Oculus has specific setup on the battery at the moment, we've been contacting Oculus, hope they will resolve it soon.

    Please try going in this sequence: plug in OTG cable to Oculus Go first, then attach the headset marker. 
  • Thanks, but I don't understand how the sequence of connections would affect using an external power source. I was wondering if a splitter cable of some sort could be used to feed power to the marker and Go.
  • As connection of headset marker and Go is not just for charging, it would not be able to use splitter to charge the marker and Go. So we recommend playing with more than 50% battery. 
  • Ah, too bad. I was hoping for some kind of splitter to provide external power since, as I discussed in another thread, playing Nolo games on the Go is possible and fun, but this issue would severely limit play time. Thanks!
  • I ended up buying this but couldn't get nolo to work with vridge on my oculus go. I used a battery pack.
  • Thanks @Pearce33 but I don't quite understand what you're saying. Were you able to get Nolo and Oculus Go working with Vridge wirelessly when directly connected with an OTG cable but just not with the OTG hub and battery? It does look like a promising solution.
  • Didn't try that way just tried with hub and battery and nolo dont work.
  • I think Nolo has to be connected either to the Go or to the PC and I was hoping this connection could be through the hub. If it was just connected to the battery through the hub without the hub connected to the Go or PC, I don't think that would work. Sorry if I'm not understanding you correctly though.
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    I did as your saying. I had the hub connected directly to the go and the battery powers the hub and nolo marker is plugged into the hub. There is no popup in vridge to use the marker and vridge doesnt make the connection to the marker because it doesnt work with the hub. I doubt it would work with a splitter either because it's pretty much the same idea.
  • Ah, too bad. Thanks for trying and posting the results.
  • Hi,

    I use this vr cooler for my Gear VR and it's a powerbank too :
    Aucun texte alternatif disponible

    Cooling my phone and charging the phone or the NOLO VR.

  • UPDATE: have it working with my hub now that I linked to!
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