Base station not turning on + other issues.

So I power the base station on, the power light turns on. The motors start and a pair of red lights blink on the inside. Then the power light blinks a handful of times and everything then proceeds to turn off. Base station is mounted atop my monitor with velcro tape. It is level. 

Rinse and repeat. Plugged or unplugged. Problem persists after letting it charge overnight.

This is the most recent issue. I actually had it working - sort of, before I left it with an overnight charge. Other issues include when loading SteamVR home - I'm in the floor. Oh, I was in the ceiling once too. Not sure if that's Nolo or Trinus or if I just did calibration entirely wrong but boy is that disorienting. Need to tinker further.

Oh. And the controllers don't like to stay on. At all. If I set them down for even an exceedingly short period of time, they turn off. And then they don't seem to exist unless I go through pairing again - which I can't do anymore 'cause the base station won't turn on!

I'm not half bad with computers. I tried to do my research - there's very little existing documentation for troubleshooting that I've found. I wasn't anticipating this to be such a struggle, the entire point of this purchase was to make things EASIER. I've been trying to get this working off and on for a week now.

So if anyone has any idea about any of this, I'd sincerely appreciate your input. 


-One frustrated lady trying to get her PSVR trying to work with Trinus and Nolo.


  • Cancel all of that!

    I got it all working. Turns out one of the cables that came with nolo was faulty - one end was loose and not connecting properly. After I swapped it for another the base station turned on just fine and from there I was able to make my way through the rest of configuration and calibration. 
  • Hi @Aesthina,

    Thanks for your feedback! Please let us know serial number on the product box that starts with letters LY. 

    We'd also like to make sure - how are the devices going right now? 

    Please let us know - 
    a. LED status of powered-on NOLO devices (especially for base station please still include LED on top, lights from front panel)
    b. connection status in NOLO Assistant - please turn on all NOLO devices and plug in only headset marker to PC
    c. device behaviors in the Visualizer from NOLO Assistant - please turn on all NOLO devices and plug in only headset marker to PC

    As for controllers not staying on, how about their behaviors now? 
  • Hey there. Thanks for following up with me! :)

    I had a very successful test run earlier. Got SteamVR fully running and played a few test songs on Beat Saber.

    Serial number: LY04818013107143

    Status of Nolo devices
    Base station: green power light, two red LEDs in front.
    Controllers: green light.
    Headset marker: green light when plugged in.

    The controllers still turn off frequently. But I am assuming this is a power saving function as it only happens when I am not using them. In use, they remain powered on so far as I've seen.

    I just wish the timer was a little longer because I pretty much get no longer than 15 seconds (sometimes) less after putting them down.

    Tracking is still a little bit jittery. Right hand controller likes to point sideways instead of forward despite orientation from time to time. I've had limited success in mitigating it with adjusting room lighting and re-calibrating, but it's still not spot on yet. 

    Still trying to work on it!

  • Hi Aesthina, 

    For controllers shutting down - could you please send us your email address so we can send files to you. 

    For orientation - please try the following Q&A steps (it could also be found in our FAQ session from official site). 

    Also please let us know the device behaviors in the Visualizer from NOLO Assistant - please turn on all NOLO devices and plug in only headset marker to PC. 


    Q: How to complete the NOLO room setup?

    A: Please refer to the following steps:

    Step 1. Place the headset (with headset marker mounted) on the
    floor facing base station; please have powered-on headset marker in hand and swirl around the wrist a bit first (this is to collect surrounding magnetic field). 

    Base station is at about shoulder level and the distance between base station and the player should be at least 2m (with no block in the middle);

    Step 2. Press the pair button on the headset marker. 

    Q: How to calibrate the controller orientation?

    A: Please refer to the following steps:
    Step 1. Stand facing base station, the distance between base station and the player is about 2m with no block in the middle, please have powered-on controllers in hand and swirl around the wrist a bit first (this is to collect surrounding magnetic field);
    Step 2. With headset marker and controllers facing base station, double-click system button on each controller respectively. 


  • Hello, sorry for my delayed response!

    About my email, do I have to leave it here? I'd rather it not be public, is there a way to privately message it?

    I've run into a new issue. Everything is upside-down now! Which I found a little hilarious at first, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting it right again. 
  • I should specify it's upside-down in the visualizer on nolo assistant. I can't get a proper display on SteamVR at all.
  • edited July 2018
    Hi Aesthina,

    For sure please shoot an email to and let us know it's from you :) 

    As for upside-down tracking issue, it's caused by environment interference - would you please change to a spacious environment (eg. another room) and let us know the behaviors.  

  • Hey there.

    Another room isn't really an option for me. I'm in a 1-room apartment. 

    I did clear a good 6ft of space on all sides of me to use. I ensured nothing was too bright or too reflective around me. I managed to get the tracking right-side up again but the controllers persist in being a problem. They don't want to point straight at all. They're always off far to my left or right side. 

    Double-clicking the system button will sometimes bring them back to me, but then they tilt to face left or right. Sometimes double-clicking the system button does nothing at all and I have to power each controller off and back on to get any response. 
  • Hi Aesthina,

    For controller orientation - please check the behavior in Visualizer from NOLO Assistant. As it is most likely caused by environment interference. 

    If there's still issue in the Visualizer, please then download and install NOLO HOME app on android phone, finish simple setup following tutorial in the app, and launch NOLO Tetris for mobile VR play. If possible, please try in an outdoor open space and see the behavior. 

    Attached please find the recommended play area for your reference (could also be found in FAQ session from our official site).

  • I never really intended to use Nolo for mobile play. It's for my PSVR. 

    I could definitely try, but I'm using a Samsung Note 8 - and it's noticeably too big for the cardboard headpiece. A bit of the screen gets cut off. Would that matter?
  • Thank you Aesthina. Please try in the Visualizer from NOLO Assistant and mobile VR play. 

    For mobile VR, the cardboard size would not really matter. Please let us know the device behaviors shown on the phone screen that would be alright. 
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