Controller angle drift makes games barely playable

Nolo + trinus psvr

Not sure how best to describe it, the position of the controllers always seems fine, but by the end of a song on beatsaber the angle the light saber can be off by as much as 90 degrees in a random direction. Would that be the gyroscope?

I can point the controllers directly ahead and double click the circle button, which resets them, which is fine in slow games, but fast paced game like beat saber and pirate trainer are barely playable.

I've played them one a rift and it didn't have that problem at all. Any ideas?


  • Just been playing with the Nolo visualizer and I see that no matter how much I wave the controllers all over the place, the drift on them only ever seems to be minimla, which I suppose suggests the problem is more likely trinus or steam itself.

    Anyone had similar problem?
  • Hi joshtest123, thanks for your message. It's a little bug and will be fixed in the next firmware. 
  • Hi, this doesn't seem like a *little* bug, as I said the drift is very noticeable. Do you have any idea when the new firmware will be out?

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. The new firmware has come out. But at the moment it only compatible with MI VR standalone, Huawei VR2, PICO G2. We will announce it once it is compatible with Trinus. 
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