Just did a ceiling mount test and wow!

Really awesome being able to do complete 360. I played Pavlov and it worked great being able to turn around fully, though sometimes my hands when they were low didn't track but that's mainly because of the height of the ceiling. I'm still going to stick with facing it forwards just because it's easier and for me tracks perfectly (excluding blind spots) and use the ceiling mount for more 360 games like Pavlov and Superhot. Superhot plays just fine with front facing as I haven't had any issues. Overall pretty neat!


  • I agree!  I played Pavlov in 360 and it was definitely better than 180, being that every time you raise a gun to aim with 180 it would block at least one of the 3 sensors.  Plus being able to turn completely without having to worry about losing the base station is really nice too!
  • I plan on having mine in a ceiling mount when I get mine. I can't wait to mess around with it. 
  • I used velcro :P  Anyone who says you can't or shouldn't is a liar!  Lol
  • I was going to use a couple of the command strip things. Basically is strong double sided tape that is easy to remove if needed. 
  • what about people low ceiling?
  • I just took a small car board box and cut a square out of it with a flap and put the base station in there. I used clear duct tape to tape it on, basically a DIY. Velcro works too yes! 
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