NOLO HOME streaming software and firmware update RELEASE!!!



  • @admin I needed to add an excemption to the firewall, but it's working now. It works really well, thank you so much for your help!
  • Hello everyone ! :)

    One thing from ALVR is missing - ARCore support. It will be added ? Thanks in advance.

    Great feature will be add 3dof controllers support like old android phones or gear vr / daydream controllers.

    Good job devs ! 

  • tynxPL Why you need ARCore and controller emulation if you have NOLO? If you don't have NOLO then use RiftCat or ALVR. 
  • @moocow1452 With pleasure. We hope you enjoy it. 
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    Is wifi streaming better than using USB?
    If not, it would be great to have a way to stream the video using USB like Riftcat, but with NOLO Home assuming the streaming part.
  • I can tell you that using a 5GHZ router, PC connected by Ethernet. I have NOLO HOME set to Maximum resolution (I have to turn this down to my phone res because phone overheats very quickly) and 100mps and I have no artifacts or lag. It's based on ALVR and always been perfect. My only gripe at the moment is I would like so have the ceiling mode option and also the ability to connect phone and head set to PC so I can charge phone at same time.

    @admin any update on the ceiling mode?
  • @admin ;Hello. Help me set up a nolo vr. In the presence of a Pimax vr. When running steam vr and playing beat saber, I have a drift of controllers
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    I live in Russia. If there are mistakes in English, ask me to rephrase
  • Well, I'll start off by saying that I have an AMD RX 480 and the app says that it's below the minimum requirements, so that's the first problem with this new app.

    The second issue I seem to have is whenever I get to the firmware update stage 2 - updating the controllers, and I initiate the update windows 10 crashes and I get a blue screen with "kernel security check issue"!

    I honestly have no clue how you can mess up this badly - did you not test the app against GPUs older than AMD's 500 series? did the developer seriously thought that just putting up a check for > 560 is a good idea when your minimum specs state that anything better/newer than the r9 290 is supported?

    And why did no one bother to check the firmware update functionality on windows 10?

    I have backed this project on kickstarter and can honestly say that VRidge is the only good thing in the kickstarter bundle - NOLO just had so many issues right from the start, and it doesn't seem like you're getting any more competent which is unfortunate.

    At least VRidge actually have a proper support page in english, with you I have to resort to posting here and hoping that someone will actually see it.
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your message. We have replied to your email. 
  • @WJRev About the ceiling mode, we don't have any update at this stage. If we do, we will announce it in our social media. 

  • @PrivateFox Thanks for your message. We just released the updated version of NOLO HOME windows client which fixed existing bugs. We did check the firmware updater functionality on Windows 10. But unfortunately, we didn't encounter this problem. It's quite unusual. If you have time, it will be great to check out the updated version of NOLO HOME. 
  • When I try to connect to the NOLO Home application, my phone isn't being picked up or recognized. I have disabled my firewall to see if that does anything and it doesn't. Any help?
  • @Humaway Please make sure the PC and your phone are connecting to the same network. If your phone didn't show up in the NOLO HOME, it should be a network issue. 
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