New version 1.8.17 of NOLO HOME windows client

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We are happy to inform you about the release of the new version 1.8.17 of NOLO HOME

What's new in version 1.8.17
1. Optimized user interfaces and added function of selecting games in the client;
2. Optimized user guide;
3. Firmware update (base station) - Improving shifting and jitter problem of the controllers.

Immerse yourself in the world of VR during this holiday season.


  • Can’t track controllers in steam Vr correctly 
  • My controllers won't track ever since I updated to the news version 1.8.17, Please help, I would really appreciate it!
  • Hi, great app, well done !! But I don't find the option to change the streaming quality anymore. Is it still exist in this version ? Where can I find it ?
  • @Hasan @Mojeep ;which HMD are you using?
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    @William_Banana ;  the streaming quality  in the setting 
  • @Hasan Could i know what headset are you using now ?
  • @Mojeep hi may i know what HMD are u using?
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    This works really nice!, Only wish there were a way of auto connecting when app starts  or start the stream from the oculus go app instead , so we dont need to remove the headset after starting the NOLO HOME app
  • Is there any plan for thes to incorporate ceilling mode anytime soon ?
  • @William_Banana When we are ready to do that, we will announce it
  • Is there a time frame to actually get nolo working ? I got mine because is said it worked with psvr and gear vr .... I have had it since sept. 2018 and have never been able to get it working... Will it ever be able to work like it is supposed to or will we be able to be refunded so we can get something the will actually work?
  • lgritton we are talking the downgrade to help it wrok for your PSVR
  • It would be so nice to get the ceiling mode in the software. 
    Greetings from Germany
  • Well I am NOT giving you guys remote access to my pc... So untill there is a way for me to do it... I'll keep asking for a refund.........
  • Since no one will tell me how to get the damn thing working with the psvr, without getting remote access to my the hell do I get this $200 paper weight working with a gear vr using a galaxy s9???
  • lgritton It doesn't matter if you are mind remote session, now please help to check the base staion and use Visualizer to check the operation status of your NOLO CV1
     a) Please turn on all NOLO devices and check the status powered-on base station including LED on top, lights from front panel and vibrating status.

    b) Intended working status of powered-on base station would be – the LED on top indicating solid green (if red, please make sure the base station is fully charged, and it is placed on a flat and stable surface; or pair the devices according to the pairing tutorial; showing two lights from the front panel; also with vibration.

    NOLO Assistant Tips - How to use Visualizer to check the operation status of your NOLO CV1 following here:

  • I found the solution, turns out if you uninstall Nolo Assistant, Everything works fine
  • @Mojeep Hi, thanks for sharing it with everyone. Yes. Nolo Assistant and NOLO HOME cannot be run together. 
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