Base moves behind me during gameplay.

I've been playing gorn and beatsaber on steam with psvr and nolovr using iVRy. During gameplay the controllers vibrate a lot and it'll pause the game or pause and go to steam menu or it'll turn me around and say the base is behind me when it's not. How can I fix this? Thank you for helping if you can.


  • @socialstat1 Hi, we received your email and replied to it. Our engineer tested it but didn't find a similar issue. We would like to check with you if any buttons have been mistakenly pressed?
  • @admin This is an issue with the latest firmware/SDK. I have only come across it in a situation where the controllers have low power. However, this user has tested it after a full recharge. It seems the Nolo firmware/software is having issues when the controllers are moved a lot quickly, as the user is not having issues with other titles. In this scenario, the controllers lose tracking and report button presses when no buttons have been pressed.

    You may guide the user through a firmware downgrade to determine whether the firmware or new SDK is the cause of the issue.
  • @iVRy Hi, thanks for your explanation. Our engineer will test it again today. May I know how often did you come across this issue? (e.g. once a day or several times a day?) 
    @socialstat1 As per iVRy suggest we would like to downgrade the firmware for you to check if it's a firmware issue. Could you send us your preferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri with your TeamViewer ID and password?
  • Our test team tested Beat Saber and Gorn but didn't encounter a similar issue. If anyone has come across with a similar problem, please also check if the computer is running with other VR third-party software. (e.g. NOLO HOME, NOLO Assistant, NOLO driver, Piplay etc)
  • @socialstat1 ; The PC based SDKs for the new firmware are in a bit of a mess, with multiple versions of some of the files shipped in a single SDK release! I've updated the iVRy driver with the most recent of all of the Nolo files I can find. Please test again and let us know if you still have these issues.
  • @socialstat1 I've received the latest PC based SDK from NoloVR and have updated the iVRy driver. Please test again and let us know if you still have these issues.
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