Fullbody with Nolo

Hello again,
since the downgrade all is fine, but when i move my hip to quickly (playing VRC using Driver4VR) then my hip is twisting on like 45 degrees.
It's like u standing straight forward, but your hip is leaned sideways.
Is it a general issue, or can it be that it happened because i reinstalled the nolo driver for windows and overwrite the driver that got installed at the downgrade?
Would be nice if someone could explain that.
If it happens because i overwritten the driver with the reinstallation of nolo driver for windows, then i would like to set a new session to fix this.
With friendly greets,
and sorry. ;-;


  • @LewdNya ;This is a problem for the oldest firmware.
  • Any idea when the new firmware appears where it get's fixed?
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your explanation. 
    @LewdNya The new version of Driver4VR will be compatible with the latest firmware. 
  • Means that the hip twist is already fixed?
  • @LewdNya As TheDeax mentioned, it's an existing problem with the older firmware. The new version of Driver4VR will be compatible with the latest firmware of NOLO CV1. The latest firmware has already fixed this issue. Please wait for the new version of Driver4VR. 
  • Ahh, now i understand, thanks for explaining. Sorry for troubeling. :3
    Have a nice day!
  • You too. If you have any question, you can also reach us at support@nolovr.com. 
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