Controller's refresh rate?

My system is the belows.
 - PSVR + iVRy for steam 
 - Nolo CV1 (latest firmware)

Everything is fine. head and hands positional tracking is so smooth.
but the controllers rotation is not quite smooth (like 30fps?)
When I play the beat saber, I shake controller within 90 degree (from horizon to vertical). 

It's NOT about controller's positional tracking. I feel that the controller's magnetic or gyro values are updated not very frequently.

My display's rate is 120hz on PSVR. (with iVRy's direct mode)
everything is smooth. except the controller's rotation movement. 

Would you tell me about this more technically. 
Can I fix that?


  • @indeu Thanks for your message. Could you help to record a short video about this issue and send it to 
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    The controller update frequency was increased from 60Hz to 120Hz in the latest "Oculus Go" firmware. However, there is some jitter in the controller rotation due to the Nolo SDK not supplying some of the acceleration/velocity values, and some values possibly being interpolated. It's unknown whether these values can be obtained from the hardware in the controllers, or whether they are always interpolated in the Nolo firmware/driver (as needed to be done by the iVRy driver with some older firmware/driver versions).
  • @indeu You can disable the velocity/acceleration of the NoloVR controllers by going into the Nolo section of the iVRy settings (via SteamVR dashboard or by double clicking the iVRy icon in the Windows system tray), and enabling "Disable IMU" and disabling "Emulate IMU". This will reduce controller jitter, but you may not be able to use titles that rely on the velocity/acceleration data (eg. titles where you need to throw something).

  • @iVRy Thanks. 'Disable IMU' makes it perfect for the beat saber. 
    It moves more quickly and accurately. I love that. 

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    It's not just that, it's important to disable IMU in Beat Saber for scoring, cause without that, it will never give points for angles you cut, so you'll never be able to have more than 100 points in one cut with IMU enabled
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