faulty wire

so what exactly do i do about the 3m wire being faulty, when i plug it into my computer it makes a sound, and when i plug it into the headset marker it powers it, but no rotational or positional tracking, and when i went to update the firmware and plugged the 3m cable into the base station it does the same thing and powers it on but doesn't register


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    @Biscritz Hi, thanks for your message. Could you send your order number with the serial number which shows on the products box starts with LY words to support@nolovr.com? Please also include your Forum ID. Could you also try to use the 1m USB cable to update the firmware?
  • sent, and firmware is updated, but the 3m cable really is messed up, it sends power, but it doesnt register the headset marker
  • @Biscritz Hi, thanks for your update. We received your email and replied to your email. We didn't know that you have updated the firmware. Could you send us your order number and the serial number of the NOLO CV1? Also, could you record a short video for the situation that using the 3m USB cable to connect to the headset marker and its performance in the visualizer? 
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