i cant connect my basestation to tracker on conputer

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+ Please send me an email because I can't get the alarm.



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    @RedBeanJelly ;Can I clarify if you are not connected to a computer at Nolo Home or elsewhere?

    Nolo Home 또는 다른 곳에있는 컴퓨터에 연결되어 있지 않은지 확인할 수 있습니까?
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    Are you asking if you have ever connected to another computer?

    I wrote it in English, probably because of the automatic translation of the web, but it changed to Korean. Can't you fix it?

    the meaning of Korean

    All machines have green lights.

    But the computer says it's not connected.

    Maybe the firmware update is the cause.

    i want support

    This sentence used a translator.
  • @RedBeanJelly ;in theory, Nolo Home should not affect anything and he should see everything. If he doesn’t see, then most likely the wrong data wire may be.

    But if you do not use NoloHome, then most likely the incompatibility comes from the software itself (PiPlay, IVRy and others). The firmware works as it should

    Just 2 options can be problems. Either USB is not supported, or after upgrading the Nolo firmware, the HMD no longer recognizes Nolo.
  • @RedBeanJelly ;If all of them are green, then from the side of the firmware everything works fine, only a clarification remains either in the wire or in the software
  • @RedBeanJelly Hi, we replied to your email. Can you let us know more details which mentioned in the email? e.g. what HMD are you using?
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    Does hdm mean vr?

    i used pimax vr

    and Is it convenient for you to chat by e-mail?

  • @RedBeanJelly Hi, yes, we replied to your email. You can just email us. 
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