NOLO HOME version 1.9 released!

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The new version 1.9 of NOLO HOME is released.

What's new in version 1.9
1. Optimized NOLO interaction algorithm to improve VR gameplay experience; 
2. Added NOLO HOME hotfix function;
3. Optimized the throwing function of the NOLO controllers to solve the throwing issue in rare cases. 
4. Optimized user guide

Available at:


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    We have released our Pimax SDK to Nolo, and they could use our SDK to integrate their latest firmware.
    But they also have resource issue, and we both will try to work on this.
  • so Pimax users, it's worth all the time to wait for a miracle
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    I tried it and the tracking is even better and smoother than before :) thanks Nolo!

    I found that if you auto update from NOLO HOME version prior to 1.8 to 1.8, I Got the Steam 108 error. Turned out there were missing files, and it didn't start up steamvr correctly.

    After looking trough the I found that there were a missing folder not added by the auto updater. 

    I Uninstalled the old prior 1.8 version & reinstall the new version from nolo site and it worked :).

    this time updateing from 1.8 to 1.9 worked flawlessly!
  • I noticed you have the PSVR pictured above.  Does NOLO HOME now work with PSVR?
  • @dlgonzo Hi, NOLO HOME is not compatible with PSVR now. 
  • #NOLOupdate NOLO HOME version 1.9.22 is out now.
    In this version, we fixed the drifting problem of the left controller. 
    Simply open NOLO HOME 1.9.20 version. The updating process will be done automatically. Users who haven't updated to 1.9.20 version, please update to 1.9.20 version manually and then restart NOLO HOME windows client to finish the updating. 
    1.9.20 version available download at
  • How do I download version 1.9.22? 
  • @VRMan Hi, may I know the reason why do you want to downgrade the windows client?
  • @admin this windows client compitable for pimax and firmware
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    @admin Hi, Version 1.10 can't be used with pimax this way
  • @VRMan ;it is still useless, nolo home takes the firmware not locally but from the nolovr site. It is better to learn how to flash these firmwares yourself and select your firmware for your serial number. I don’t know what the AA 55 00 01 is in charge of the hexadecimal code, but I managed to return the firmware after the upgrade without any bricks
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    @TheDeaX I found one thing that is new. After installing nolo home and installing pitool, No openvr-inputemulator required.
  • @VRMan ;but there is an exception, if you do not update the firmware from 1.10, then it will work the same way, I recorded it on video and the drivers work better
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    @VRMan ;Base station to 3.0, head marker to 2.2 and controller to 2.3. I also specifically took copies of these firmware, and I found some programs on the Internet. For it is inconvenient for me to remotely request firmware every time.
  • TheDeaX  However, version 1.10 has a serious problem. Beatsaver is fine, but in games such as fallout4 and zomday, the controller disappears.
  • @TheDeaX I found out that openvr-inputemulator was not needed unless I set room in  pitool. This (I found one thing that is new. After installing nolo home and installing pitool, No openvr-inputemulator required) was a misunderstanding.
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