• Hello, after updating both NOLO and Pimax to the latest version (both software and firmware) I have multiple issues:

    1. The Nolo controllers in SteamVR are rendered far away from the Vive controllers and in the games\apps I tried the controllers that show are in the position of the Nolo controllers (which are far behind me so they are useless).

    2. I can use Open VR Input Emulator to offset the devices and place them in the correct position but this only works when NOLO Home is turned off (otherwise SteamVR crashes every time unless I remove the Open VR Input Emulator driver) - and even so I still have issues, like the left controller, even though it moves fine, it won't trigger the buttons - I can't navigate the Steam VR menus with it, and in apps it doesn't do anything.

    3. Before all the updates Beat Saber was working fine - now it's running below 1-2 fps

    Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  • Also I see in your SteamVR it shows only 2 controllers connected - in mine it always shows 4 (hence the separation between the vive controllers that I see fine but that don't actually work in games\apps and the Nolo controllers that appear way behind me and that actually show in games\apps) - any idea what's causing this?
  • Uninstall nolo home software, they should disappear then.
  • I just did that, uninstalled and removed everything I could find searching for Nolo on the main hard drive - reinstalled Nolo Home but nothing has changed.
  • stefan1331 You must delete nolo home
  • I did that - uninstalled nolo home - then removed everything I could find searching for "nolo" on my main hard drive - then reinstalled latest Nolo Home but nothing has changed :(
  • Oh wait - you mean just uninstall without re-installing? Sorry I was so focused on "fixing" the issue that it never crossed my mind to just uninstall nolo home without re-installing it lol.
  • stefan1331 yep,  just uninstall without re-installing 
  • Yes, that was it! Thank you very much!
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