Nolo head marker spinning and not tracked

I'm using nolo vr as a full body tracking device with driver4vr.
My nolo controller works very good in 6-dof, but head marker only works in rotation not position. And it just spinning in a big circle very rapidly in nolo home visualizer and Steam VR.
If i get very closer to my base station, it tracks everything in 6-dof including head marker and seems so fine, but soon head marker start to spin if i get far from base station.
Every software and firmware is lastest release and I've already tried repair tool for many times.
Is my nolo head marker broken? or base station?
If it is, what can I do?


  • @rekorn Hi, thanks for your message. Can you try the NOLO CV1 devices in the Visualizer under NOLO HOME? Please use the 1m USB cable to connect the headset marker to your PC. The visualizer is to test the hardware of the NOLO CV1. Also, can you let me know the color of all the LED of NOLO devices? 
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