3D printed ceiling mount material

Is there any recommendation for choice of material for the ceiling mount?


  • PLA Its the best and the strongest
  • Still no STL file yet :(
  • I think they are re-designing it to lessen the chance of scratches.
  • I sure hope they release it soon, i dont own a 3D printer so its gonna take a while for me to request one mailed to me.
  • JerbKazzaz, depending on where you live there may be some Maker communities or college campuses that have 3D printers you may be able to ask for a favor.

    While you may not own one, there may be one closer to you than you think! Of course the online ordered 3D print will probably have a higher quality.
  • The STL files of the 3D printed ceiling mount are now available for download! Please go to our official website https://www.nolovr.com/support/ or GitHub https://github.com/LyrobotixNolo/NOLO/tree/master/3DPRINTING  and download it for free.

  • Who does not have a 3d printer have to send it to print somewhere? It does not come in the box
  • edited May 2017
    Is this can be printed via FDM Printer?
    I tried to print this via provider with Ultimaker 2+ (ABS material, 100microns), but provider declined.
    Thin walls of the model will cause abs to split during printing and there is an excessive amount of overhang.
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