COntroller flashing Green/red


After mnths of struggling with Nolo I get it working but now the controller is playing up!

It is flashing green/red. I noticed it a few days ago and holdig down trigger and circle button for ten seconds seemed to reset the controller. But now this isn't working either.

Please advise?



  • Further to this when I check the track pad on steamvr it's stuck depressed to the top right....what would cause thid and can I fix it? I don't mind taking the controller apart
  • Btw I've opened the controller up already but just reviewed it visualky. I'm devastated that I own a device that took 5  5 months to get working and then a hardware issues rear its head. 

    The thing is, I believe the fault has been there sinc I boight the uni
  • edited August 2019
    @maxpower Hi, thanks for your message. Please send us your order number of purchasing NOLO CV1 and the serial number which shows on the product box starts with LY words to 
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