Just want to say, Ive been using Nolo Home for a while with my GO.

Last few months Ive been too busy to play, so today i downloaded the updates & played for a few hours.. And i don't know what changed, but everything, runs so silky smooth. It's never worked so beautifully. I even managed to crank my settings for something like Elite Dangerous.

I am beyond grateful for this piece of software.. 

Quick question - is there any way I can connect an Oculus Sensor + oculus touch controllers and have them be recognized by Nolo Home or steam in anyway?


  • @thehighnotes Hi, thanks for your message and compliments. 
    May I know the purpose of using the Oculus Sensor or touch controller? Are you a Full body tracking user?
  • edited November 2019
    You are very welcome. :-)

    So I found a nice set of second hand oculus sensor+controllers for a good deal.. And wondered whether it was compatible or not- it would be purely for handtracking.

    By the way I have a business idea to propose, is there any place I can easily reach you via message or e-mail? :) If e-mail I'll be reaching you via the e-mail adress that's registered to my account.
  • @thehighnotes Hi, you're welcome to email us at 
    Currently, oculus sensor+controllers are not compatible with NOLO HOME. But we find some full-body users are using Oculus Rift+NOLO CV1 for FBT solution. 
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