Last try with CV1

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So, I'm about to throw the CV1 components by the window, I'm really fed up with this but I will give a last try here before switching to something else. I have more or less solved the cable interference problem described in the previous post by separating the 2 cables, now I'm double-thetered... Let's say this is acceptable for sit down playing. However, still suffering from 2 major problems, probably software related since the controllers work fine in the Nolo visualizer, but why?

1) Completely unstable positioning. Yesterday I started a game of Guns'n Stories, which looks great on the Pimax. I could play for a few minutes (as usual), then boom, I was suddenly flipped backwards in the game although I was still facing physically the base station (playing in a chair) and there was nothing I could do about this, game over. This happens quite frequently, completely killing the VR experience.

2) Very often too, the right controller "jumps" behind me, this can happen randomly in game or at next startup of Steam VR, again completely killing the current VR session. If I quit the game, it remains like this in Steam VR home. I have to switch everything off, redo a room setup, and maybe it works again.
Double clicking the system button to recalibrate does not solve the issue.

To make it short, I've simply never have been able to enjoy my VR setup up to now.
It seems to be a software issue, but is it in Nolo software, Steam VR software or Pimax software, I have no idea. For sure, it doesn't work properly.

Everything ( Nolo firmwares, Nolo home, Pitool, 5K+ firmware, Steam VR etc..) is at the latest level. Whatever the issue is, they'd better fix this for the Artisan..


  • @Crrispy
    Hi, sorry to reply you late. We're traveling to the US for the CES show. Can you record a short video about the problem and send it to 
  • Hello, I will try to do this. The cable interference problem is solved (see other post), but not the controller positioning in Steam VR.
  • So, the current situation is that the controllers work fine in the Nolo visualizer, but in Steam VR they are facing backwards 45° in my front left, and are at the floor level. Calibration and room setup don't change anything. This is really a pain.  
  • OK, so I ended up completely uninstalling Nolo Home as suggested by someone on the Pimax forum (I used it only for the visualizer), and it <seems> to have solved the positioning problems in Steam VR and games. There must be a conflict between Nolo and Pimax software. To be confirmed.
  • @Crrispy Hi, thanks for your update. Just a quick check, are you using the latest firmware of NOLO CV1 and the latest version of pitool?
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