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I am the author of the iOS SteamVR HMD software, iVRy. I have been trying for weeks to make contact with this company so that I can add native NoloVR support to my software, with no luck. Is this company still in business? Does anyone have any idea how to get them to respond? The best I've got is some kind of "we'll get back to you" via the Facebook page, but no actual contact from the company itself. I have many users of my software asking for NoloVR tracking support, but without getting the hardware and some kind of SDK, it's obviously impossible...

iVRy on the App Store:


  • It's a crazy busy time for the Nolo team.  They JUST shipped their first batch and they still have several more to go.  Many bugs are on their plates and they need to iron more stuff out with RiftCat and TrinusVR.  If I were you I would be patient and poke around the SDKs they've already released to see what you can learn.  You'd really need to have bought the hardware. There is one user here who has already picked up Nolo's raw data in Linux.  

    Regardless, your app seems to have been on the scene for about 4 months?  RiftCat and TrinusVR have been developing for several years now... Humility would seem a good approach :p 
  • The Unity SDK should work on iOS at the moment (and later the Unreal Engine 4 SDK).

    Otherwise, maybe the Android Java can be re-coded for iOS?

  • Well honestly, they are really bad at responding, lol.  They used to be pretty okay at getting back to users, but they seem to have let that go once they actually released Nolo, which is disappointing and sort of annoying because Nolo is by no means bug-free!
  • @Ghostmij17 I think it's fair of them to focus on assembling and shipping all the NOLOs that have been ordered so far, plus they made a driver update recently too.

    It didn't help that the price of the parts also increased by quite a bit between the Kickstarter and the release, which has probably affected their budgets (not to mention increased the price they have to sell at).

    That said, I think the NOLO is still very much worth the new price, so hopefully there are quite a few who jump at it once more mobile content comes out! :)
  • @bigelowed I'm definitely happy that I backed it, but I honestly would have a hard time justifying buying it at $200.  At that price, I think I would rather buy 3 PSMove controllers and cameras to get a nice PSMoveService setup going.  At $100 tho, Nolo is generally straightforward and made hopping into VR on PC fairly easy.  But some mobile games would be nice too!  Just kinda hope there's some way to use base station on ceiling for mobile VR as well
  • They're a small startup company shipping out their first product so communication is a bit slow at the moment. I've found that email is the best way to reach out to them but it can take a couple days before they respond.

    They don't have any iOS related SDK available at the moment (even their Unity SDK only contains Windows and Android libraries) but you could certainly use the Windows SDK to integrate NOLO with your OpenVR driver on the Windows side. (That's how it's currently done with every other HMD anyway) They've included the code to their OSVR implementation so you can look how they used it.

    If you can't get a hold of the hardware quickly, I'm sure some of your users would be happy to help you test it. You can check their.
  • @Ghostmij17 Hmm, but do you plan on using the mobile mode as well? I think that's where the added value more than makes up for the $200 USD entry price (plus PSMoveService is a bit more challenging to get into no?)
  • Well, it's actually the Windows SDK that I would need. I will just have to add support via "how it should work" referencing the SteamVR driver they have already and hope for the best. Anyone here feel like volunteering for testing? :)
  • @bigelowed Ahh, yeah, that's a very good point.  I plan on using it for PC about 99% of the time, lol, so to someone like me who isn't looking into it so much for mobile, it really isn't anything special when put up against psmoveservice and the price for hardware.  If some good mobile games start coming out tho with support, I could see myself playing mobile more, just the current state of cardboard and gear vr doesn't make me feel too confident in thinking much good will come out for it
  • I've found that the only way to get any kind of response out of them is via their Facebook page (or at least used to be, they don't seem to read messages there anymore). I put return receipts on my emails to them and I can see that they read them usually within 24-48 hours of me sending them, they just don't respond (even after 3 weeks). Whoever is dealing with their FB page tells me to contact them via email (and that they are expecting my message), but still nothing.

  • IVRy, when I get my NOLO I can help you test. I have your software on iPhone and use Rift at for my Android device. 
  • What is the current state of their SteamVR and OSVR drivers? Mostly works with a few bugs? Sometimes works if the wind is blowing the right way? Never works and kills the system?
  • @Ghostmij17 ; I'm hoping to change that :wink: 
  • @Theboss10987 Thanks, I'm hoping (if their Windows stuff is kinda/mostly working) that I can incorporate support quite quickly. I'll post a message here once I have something for you to test.
  • Sure. I don't even know when I'll get my Nolo. I was a pre order, not a kickstarter backer. 
  • Well, it seems that NoloVR has sent me out a dev kit, so even though they might not be good "talkers" they seem to be good "doers". :)

    I'll wait until I get that before I continue, but good news for NoloVR users who want to get the best* SteamVR experience with a mobile phone based headset! ;)

    * as relayed by those who have made comparisons. YMMV. Try it and make your own assessment ;)
  • iVRy: good to hear you are getting a dev kit! You could also keep in touch with RiftCat since they are also planning to implement iOS support in the future.
  • @Zunhs iVRy will support Android long before RiftCat supports iOS ;)
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