Shipping announcements request

I suggest admins to maintain a periodically updated post tagged as  "announcement"  with the last news about shipping: when , who, delays, technical issues, whatever it needs to keep buyers informed.

For example I am a pre-order buyer and I don't have any clue regarding what stage my order is at.

I want to be informed, if not personal on my email, at least here on forum.


  • I tweeted them the other day when I was having issues getting on these forums. They responded a couple hours ago. Shipping did indeed start on the 24th, and they will get tracking numbers for us when available. 
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    Pic Jun 29, 3 19 19 AM.png?dl=0

    Edit: Or not? Maybe it just can't show up on my phone. Lol
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    @Theboss10987 What means after parcel clears my local custom ? Why can't I track a parcel as I usually do ? From the shipping to arrival ?

    Tracking number is available when the transporter lifts the package from the sender.
  • In order to avoid most custom fees, it seems that their shipping partner is sending the packages to a local warehouse in each country, then shipping it to the individual buyers from there. That's why there's no tracking number until the package is picked by a transporter in your country.
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    I bought Pimax from China and I payed 0 taxes. I live in Europe. And no, it was not sent in an european warehouse, although there was one and I mistakely ordered from China

    Even so, they could send me an email teling me that soon i will receive  a trackin number, but I am afraid it is not the case. I suspect no pre-orders were sent on 24 june.
  • I can only speak from experience, being a Kickstarter backer and having received my Nolo from the first shipment. It took about 2 weeks before we were provided tracking numbers and mine was for Canada Post. (Others had tracking number for postal services in their own country) This is definitely not optimal and leads to a lot of frustration.  They should find a better partner that can handle direct shipping to customers.

    Communication from the team has also been pretty broken since they've started shipping. They're a small startup company, with a small team, who's shipping their very first product and are probably overwhelmed by it all. There will be growing pains, that's inevitable.

    I have no reason to doubt them. So far they've delivered a decent product and their drivers are continuously improving. We just all need to be patient for now.
  • Not my first rodeo pre-ordering something.  I've waited 6 months for something to finally ship.  I think 2 months is about the norm if you've jumped in early, which I did.  I'm excited too and I'm trying to be patient, but like someone said, it's a small team with a great idea and growing organically has some natural growing pains.  There's no reason to think we're being robbed or have been lied to other than our own excited expectations.
  • mirq: Customs does not check all packages, it would be impossible. If they think it is low value they mostly ignore to check.
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